Create the most beautiful memories and celebrate the best moments of the year: holiday time! That is what makes Bright Side truly happy. We get out of bed to make you feel rested. With a travel experience like we would wish for ourselves. Careless and valuable enjoyment of precious free time. At the very best authentic locations. In luxury, privacy and comfort. With your partner, family or friends, so that you can experience the Bright Side of life during your holiday.

Bright Side Croatia

What sets us apart? Pre-fun and holiday jitters

Holidays contribute to your happiness. And daydreaming about what is to come plays an essential role in this. That is why we will give you the holiday jitters before your departure with images of our villas, the surrounding area and local tips. You can look forward to breathing in the sea breeze from your kitchen chair, fantasize from your sofa how a local dish will caress your tongue, and narrow alleyways in charming villages will be a feast for the eyes. Bring on the happiness!

Luxury villa Florio

The very best locations

Holidays broaden your horizon and provide space to break routines. To contribute to this, we search for the best locations with a clear vision. Our independent villas arise only where serenity, cultural entertainment, scenic views, and excellent accessibility come together near the beach, in an authentic setting, where you can still immerse yourself in the local culture and scenic beauty.

Luxury villa Florio

Luxury, privacy and comfort

We make sure that you open or close the door with a big smile every holiday day. With guaranteed privacy and an abundance of amenities, we will make your short or long break memorable—bedrooms with balconies, luxurious bathrooms or a heated pool. For us, these are self-evident. Because in our villas, you should not lack anything when escaping the daily grind.

Luxury villa Florio

Local guide entertainment

We know the area where you are staying like the back of our hand. This allows us to put you in touch with the right local people. With hospitable welcome and cleaning services and fun-filled trips to culinary delights, undiscovered attractions and idyllic natural scenery. Experiences that make life so very worthwhile and make your holiday even more unforgettable.

Luxury villa Florio

What drives us? Value for money

To the sun on the Cote d'Azur, Lake Garda or the Costa Brava. They are classic locations with typical experiences. We do not sell overpriced airline seats to tourist resorts but offer alternatives to get real value for your money. We will pamper you even more and let you come home with stories that no one has heard before.

Luxury villa Florio

A virgin experience

We let you holiday in a destination where you can still be open to the unknown. That is why we go off the beaten track and take you to places where you will never find your neighbour. And to sites, you would never have thought of yourself. You will experience holidays in their purest form in undiscovered worlds: virgin.

Luxury villa Florio

Red-carpet treatment

Taking a break from your everyday worries is the way to experience happiness. That is why we want you to experience your holiday the way you imagined it beforehand: stress-free and intense. With star treatment, we take care of you from arrival to departure. Because with our local contacts and expertise, we can roll out the red carpet for you.

Luxury villa Florio

Joy for any company

Enjoy an intimate, romantic holiday with your partner. Strengthen the family bond by paying full attention to your children. Experience the perfect combination of both by also giving your au-pair or parents a break. Or celebrate your friendship with one or more couples. Whatever your party, our villas have thought of everything for every composition.

Luxury villa Florio
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