Gastronomy in Dalmatia These are the finest restaurants and dishes

Dalmatia is known for its breath-taking nature, historical cities such as Split and small coastal villages like Primošten and Rogoznica. However, this region of Croatia also excels in culinary delights. Dalmatian cuisine is remarkably varied, with both delicious seafood and meat dishes. Eating out in this region is a real experience for people on holiday. Bright Side of Croatia presents you with a list of the finest restaurants near the Dalmatian coast!

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Seafood dishes in Dalmatia

We would like to start with some typical Dalmatian dishes that are immensely popular in this region. Due to the coastal location and the many islands, freshly caught seafood is never hard to find. The menus are brimming with exquisite seafood dishes. The Dalmatian fish stew Brudet - prepared with dry white wine - is famous; it combines various types of fish and a range of vegetables, olive oil, garlic and herbs.

Meat dishes in Dalmatian cuisine

Are you more of a meat lover? In that case, we recommend Pašticada as one of the finest Dalmatian and Croatian dishes. Roman and Greek influences are evident in this traditional, centuries-old speciality. The stewed meat dish is prepared in a complex way and enriched with a sweet-sour, fragrant sauce. The remarkable thing about Pašticada is that it is never quite the same. Split, Primošten or Rogoznica: every local cuisine gives it its own unique twist.

Discover the ancient cooking technique Peka

When talking about Dalmatian cuisine, we cannot fail to mention the ancient Peka (Sać) cooking technique. It is an extraordinary way of preparing various Croatian seafood and meat dishes in a large cast-iron dome-shaped cooking vessel. Once the lid is closed, they place the whole thing on a stoked fire and cover it with embers. The ingredients are then given ample time to release their flavours while cooking, blending into a wonderfully fragrant, stewed meal. Peka is not just a delight for your taste buds; preparing this dish is a magical experience as well.

Peka beste restaurants in dalmatië kroatië bright side

The finest restaurants in Dalmatia

In a nutshell, these were some of the most delicious and authentic dishes from Dalmatia. But where can you find them on the menu? This Croatian region offers a select but high-quality range of luxurious and exclusive restaurants (fine dining). Bright Side knows where to find them for you!

Pelegrini in Šibenik | Fine dining - gourmet

We kick off with Pelegrini. This highly respected restaurant in Šibenik on the Adriatic coast boasts a Michelin star. Chef Rudi Štefan has an impressive record and trophy cabinet, with many awards for his unique cooking style. He prepares his dishes with top-quality ingredients from local partners combined with modern cooking techniques. You can enjoy both lunch and dinner here.

    Pelegrini is a 20-minute drive from our Bright Side villas. It is set in a picturesque location adjacent to the UNESCO-protected Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik. In addition to culinary delights, you will be treated to an evening full of entertainment in the restaurant's courtyard. Pelegrini also offers the possibility to moor a boat near the restaurant. An absolute must!

    pelegrini sibenik beste restaurants in dalmatië kroatië

    Konoba Dvor in Primošten | Mediterranean cuisine

    Are you a true lover of organic food and the intimate setting of a bistro or taverna? Then Konoba Dvor in Primošten is the perfect place for you. The ambience here is informal and traditional. The truly local dishes are equally authentic yet occasionally prepared with a modern twist.

      In addition to the delicious, authentic dishes, the location of this “konoba” is also extraordinary. It is located on the former island of Primošten (now a peninsula). You can reach Dvor via a maze of picturesque streets.

      Konoba Vinko in Konjevrate | Dalmatian cuisine

      Another renowned “konoba” near our villas is Vinko, a restaurant situated inland in the village of Konjevrate. The family restaurant has been awarded “half a Michelin star”, also known as Bib Gourmand. This signifies that the price/quality ratio is beyond excellent.

        Konoba Vinko excels in tasteful local dishes, prepared from generation-old family recipes, with fresh, high-quality ingredients. This is also reflected in the high rating on Tripadvisor: 4.5 out of 5. We highly recommend the traditionally prepared veal risotto with matching local wine. Enjoy your meal!

        More tips on restaurants in Dalmatia?

        Are you enthused by Dalmatian cuisine and the excellent restaurants in this region? This is just a small selection of the many exceptional dining establishments in the vicinity of our villas. The property manager of Bright Side Croatia will be happy to provide you with more culinary tips.

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