Island hopping in Croatia: These are the five most beautiful islands

Did you know that southern Croatia is an absolute dream spot for island-hopping enthusiasts? Spread along a vast, green coastline, Dalmatia - where our two luxury villas are situated - offers an unparalleled variety of (uninhabited) islands. So, which are the most beautiful islands in Croatia? As far as we are concerned, they are, without a doubt, Hvar, Vis, Korcula, Brac and Dugi Tok. Bright Side lists them for you!

Bright Side Croatia

Dalmatia is the perfect region to plan your luxury holiday for a plethora of reasons. However, one of the main reasons is its proximity to the wide range of idyllic, nature-rich and visually striking islands. Of the nearly 1,200 (!) islands in Croatia, a large proportion can be found along the Dalmatian coast. It is an almost impossible task to visit them all. That is why Bright Side would like to present the best islands in Croatia to you.

The Island of Hvar in Croatia

One of the best known and most luxurious islands in Dalmatia is Hvar; good for the highest number of sun hours in Croatia! The hilly, 70-kilometre-long area - located opposite Split – boasts beautiful nature sites and beaches. However, the main attraction is the lively nightlife, many fine dining options, and the marina surrounded by hills and azure waters.

A real tourist attraction. However, the above description would not do Hvar justice. The old town of Hvar is, in fact, full of cultural and historical highlights. Explore, for example, the city walls dating back to the 1300s, which once protected predatory pirates. Piazza Square in the centre is also a must-visit spot, with a centuries-old theatre, cathedral, and palace.

    Hvar Fortica, stammend uit de zestiende eeuw, is eveneens een echte cultuurhistorische parel. Om dit eeuwenoude fort te bereiken, maakt u een natuurrijke wandeling de heuvel op. Boven wordt u getrakteerd op een fantastisch panoramisch uitzicht op de Pakleni-eilanden en de Hvar-baai.

    Bright Side Croatia

    Vis Island in Croatia

    The Croatian Island of Vis is almost as sunny as Hvar. The big difference between these two islands lies in the crowds. Whereas many tourists know how to find Hvar, Vis is less known. Yet no less beautiful!

    On Vis, you will find beaches that you would normally only find in your most imaginative dreams. The perfect example is the remote Stiniva beach, accessible only by boat. Surrounded by impressive rock formations and cliffs (once a cave), a white pebble beach and clear blue waters, the view from this cove is simply spectacular.

    Komiza should also not be missing from your Vis Island bucket list. An old picturesque and serene fishing village, with beautiful views and excellent restaurants. Soak up the serenity that awaits you here!

    The Island of Korcula in Croatia

    Your holiday in Dalmatia should include a visit to the 50-kilometre-long island of Korcula. One of the larger islands in Croatia; full of tradition, beautiful nature, cultural-historical hotspots and (possibly) the birthplace of explorer Marco Polo! Therefore, you should not miss a visit to the Marco Polo Museum during your stay on the island.

    The picturesque city of Korcula, surrounded by city walls, is definitely worth visiting. Many people refer to Korcula as 'Little Dubrovnik'. The city breathes history; you enter through a centuries-old city gate. You will find several fascinating museums, such as the City Museum located in a palace and the Bishop's Treasury Museum.

    Korcula is also famous for its extensive vineyards (with Posip and Grk varieties) and delicious white wines. A wine tour in this region is highly recommended! As your local guide, we will be happy to tell you where you can book one.

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    The Island of Brac in Croatia

    Brac, one of the largest islands in Croatia, is another island well worth the visit. Here you will find what many call 'the most beautiful beach in the world'. Yes, you read it correctly! Bol's luxurious Zlatni Rat beach is characterised by its exceptional shape, clear blue waters, lots of greenery, and extraordinary views.

    The Island of Brac, covering an area of nearly 400km2, is famous for another reason: The White House in Washington! The US presidential residence was built using the white limestone of this Croatian island. Just like the fourth-century Diocletian's Palace in Split.

    The Dugi Tok Island in Croatia

    To conclude, we would like to recommend the narrow, 45-kilometre-long island of Dugi Tok - which means 'long island'. Are you looking for an island without the hustle and bustle of mass tourism? Then Dugi Tok is an exquisite destination! Breathtaking views, beautiful bays, serene, picturesque villages and lots of natural beauty (including the Telašćica National Park) are also part of the experience here.

    Bright Side Croatia

    Your local guide to the most beautiful islands in Dalmatia!

    These are the five most beautiful islands in Croatia. Are you inspired by these beautiful and idyllic islands in Croatia? These are just the tip of the iceberg in Dalmatia. The Bright Side of Croatia property manager will be happy to advise you on the most beautiful excursions in our region.

    Discover the best dishes and restaurants, the most extraordinary boat trips and marinas, the most magnificent natural parks, the most beautiful beaches and the most amazing cultural and historical day trips! Or book your luxury holiday in Dalmatia in our luxury villas!

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